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We build Semantic AI Solutions for Enterprise Data Integration and Knowledge Management & Discovery 

Our Services

Knowledge Management & Discovery

We use Knowledge Graphs to annotate and link your data. Well established knowledge bases and vocabularies are identified from the Linked Open Data cloud (LOD) that align with your domain. Custom knowledge graphs and Inference models are created for your domain specific requirements. Check out our Open Source Knowledge Graph for the Indian Context, Bharathi - Linked Data Vocabulary for the Indian Context.

We support the development and ongoing maintenance of such knowledge frameworks and an intuitive user interface to your underlying knowledge graphs based on your specific requirements.

Enterprise Data Integration

Tackling data silos is one of the biggest challenges of enterprise data integration. Platform Sandhi - our patented data integration and insights platform enables a ground up comprehensive view of data from multiple perspectives and department functions. Platform Sandhi enables dynamic and self-servicing analytics that absorbs and extends as new data sources are created in the enterprise. Platform Sandhi offers context aware visualizations, intelligent merging of information from multiple sources and discovery of related information

Semantic AI Applications

We can support you in building and maintaining knowledge frameworks that align with your organization’s business for extracting information, linking data contextually using custom and publicly available knowledgebase and implementing Semantic AI for enabling interesting insights. We offer complete end-end application development for a linked data use case that aligns to your specific problem statement starting from identification, design, development, deployment and maintenance.

Project Management, Consulting and Training

We offer formal training and consulting on Semantic Web, Semantic Intelligence Technologies such as Linked Data, Knowledge Graphs, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning models, Linked Open Data Cloud in an endeavor to demonstrate the benefits of Semantic Solutions. We offer Project management and consulting support for managing linked data projects and applications.


Sandhi - A Data Integration and Insights Platform

> Sandhi Public Data converts structured raw governance data pertaining to India collected from diverse sources into linked actionable knowledge using the Bharathi vocabulary.
> Sandhi for Life Sciences transforms data from clinical research, drug reviews and related business functions into a self servicing data discovery and analytics platform

Context Aware Data Integration and Insights
> Connect your data from various sources with least disruption to existing systems and leveraging the data sources as they exist.
> Discover related information in your enterprise presented in an intuitive user experience.
> Aggregate and combine information across sources with Semantic AI powered intelligence
> Experience visualizations that adapt to the context of the data. 


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