Talk on Semantic Web and Its Applications

Our CEO Dr. Asha Subramanian presented a talk at the Faculty Development Program on Semantic Intelligence: Applications and Perspectives organized by the National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra. The program was sponsored by the All India Council for Technical Education, Government of India under AICTE Training & Learning (ATAL) Academy.

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Semantic Web in Action

Watch Semantic Web in action in a multifaceted semantic COVID-19 analysis for India using publicly available datasets on COVID-19 cases in India.

Sandhi Covid19 Analysis India is a semantics powered analytics of COVID-19 Data for India. It is an attempt to demonstrate the power of knowledge graphs and linked data while analysing disparate datasets on COVID-19 from multiple sources.

A detailed entity disambiguation routine identifies the linkable semantic entities from the raw Covid19 datasets using entities from Bharathi and the Geonames Ontology. The event ontology brings together the spatial, event and temporal information for connecting and analysing events pertaining to the COVID-19 analysis

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